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Coach Updates

Returning AYSO families and Volunteers
Please be sure you enter your first name, last name, DOB and SSN exactly as they were in our previous system so that we can accurately migrate your previous certifications (safe haven, Concussion, ref and coach certifications). Before you register for a new account with, please check your information and use the exact first name, last name, DOB and SSN information to register your new account

Stay Informed! New texting feature for Team Managers and Coaches
If you are interested in receiving important updates and information regarding sports complex closures, classes, cancellations, registration dates and more, please follow the instructions below to receive text alerts:

  • Text PASOMANAGER to 84483 to receive Team Manager alerts
  • Text PASOAYSO to 84483 to receive General alerts
  • Text PASOREF to 84483 to receive Referee alerts
  • Text PASOCOACH to 84483 to receive Coach alerts
ALL NEW & RETURNING COACHES MUST TAKE SAFE HAVEN AND CONCUSSION (this can be taken at for free and without a voucher)

Coach Meeting Dates - July 17 and July 30, 2018 from 6-7:30pm at Hampton Inn 212 Alexa Ct, Paso Robles

6U Coach Training will be received at 6U Super Camp on August 11, 2018

8U Coach Training can be taken online at  Email us to get a voucher so there is no cost to you.

12U Coach Training -
July 21, 2018 from 8am-12pm at Centennial Park & 12-2pm Field Training MUST ATTEND BOTH SESSIONS

10U Field Training -
August 1 and 6, 2018 at Kermit King MUST TAKE 10U ONLINE TRAINING BEFORE ATTENDING FIELD TRAINING (You can find the online coach training at  Email us to get a voucher so there is no cost to you)

Intermediate Coach Training - TBA

6U Super Camp!-
August 11 2018 at Kermit King Elementary

Please remember that all of our fields are "Kids Zones", a safe place for all of our kids to enjoy the sport of soccer and that all of you respect the places that the kids play and to do your part in keeping our "Kids Zone" safe.

I'm sorry, but dogs and other pets are not allowed at the fields anytime during soccer practices or games.  This is an AYSO National rule and is in place to ensure a safe environment for players, coaches, referees, and spectators.  Your understanding and cooperation in keeping pets away from the soccer fields is greatly appreciated.

All Star Updates:

  • All Star coaches - Applications are DUE BY SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 to be considered as an All Star coach. The Form Has Been Updated for this season as of 09/05/18. If you filled it out prior, please resubmit.
  • All Star Coach Applications are available here
  • All Star Tryouts -October 13, 2018 from 2-7pm at Barney Schwartz Park and October 28, 2018 from 9am-3pm at Kermit King Elementary.  

Division Updates:
Ratings Meetings - Dates,Times & Locations Vary Per Division - Please contact your Division Coordinator


Join the Text Alert Function Visit:
Join Paso Robles AYSO 741 text alerts on RainedOut 

Mandatory Coach Meeting: TBD
Coaches MUST attend one of these meetings.  Please contact Jason Hall, Coach Administrator at if you have additional questions! Mandatory coach meetings are designed to provide essential information for coaches including FIFA law changes, AYSO specific laws and conduct and regional rules and regulations.

Coach Manual:
Coaching manuals are only available to coaches who complete coach training courses

All Coaches need to have age specific Coach Training AND A.Y.S.O. Safe Haven Certification AND Concussion Certified.

Go to to take Safe Haven and CDC Concussion.  You will need your AYSO Id to log in.

Coach Training and Certification classes:
Register for your age specific coach training courses - Website details forthcoming.

Can't make one the Paso Trainings? Here are some other options!

Region 741 now requires all Coaches and Referees to complete the CDC's online Concussion Awareness Training

This online course takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. While we are aware that everyone is busy, this free training is invaluable and incredibly important to the safety of our AYSO players and families. 

To take the training please follow these instructions:
      1) Go to 
      2) Enter your AYSO ID Number and last name.
      3) In the left Column under "Safe Haven" go to the "START NOW" link.
      4)  Select AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness 
      5) Compete training.

Again, this is MANDATORY for all Coaches and Referees. Once completed this will show as a certification in your eayso record.
Thank you for your time and commitment to the safety or our children

Game Line-up Template

Under-10 to Under-14 Coaches

The file below will allow you to print two cards at a time on letter paper size (8.5 x 11 inches). Make sure it is printed on on card stock.


  1. Download this PDF file below and save it to your computer
  2. Open this file using Adobe Reader.
  3. Enter your team information.
  4. Enter your player information. Your players should be listed in jersey order.
  5. Enter the dates and opponents for your two upcoming matches (or leave these fields blank and fill in prior to your games)
  6. Print page 1
  7. Flip your printed card over and print page 2
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for as many game cards as you need.

Download Game Card for u10-u14 (pdf)

Recommended Formations per Division

The reason we have these recommended formations is to best prepare our AYSO kids for the formation they will most likely play in High School and College.
We want to give our players the best chance to succeed.

We are trying to teach the width and depth principle of play.  When WE have the ball we get Wide and Deep.  When THEY have the ball we get compact.

We want the formations to have NO straight lines of players; instead we want to create triangles.  This gives superior control and coverage of space.

The numbers start with the goalie and go to the attackers.  Example: A 1-4-3-3 Formation is 1 - Goalie, 4 - Backs, 3 - Mid-fielders, 3 - Attackers.

 U8 - 5v5 No Goalie

2 Line System
Formation - 0-2-3 (0 - Goalie, 2 - Backs, 3 - Mid-Fielders/Attakers)

U8 - 6v6 No Goalie

2 Line System
Formation - 0-3-3 (0 - Goalie, 3 - Backs, 3 - Mid-Fielders/Attakers)

U10 - 7v7

3 Line System
Formation - 1-2-3-1 (1 - Goalie, 2 - Backs, 3 - Mid-Fielders,  1 - Attacker)
Formation - 1-3-2-1 (1 - Goalie, 3 - Backs, 2 - Mid-Fielders,  1 - Attacker)

U12 - 9v9

Formation - 1-3-2-3 (1 - Goalie, 3 - Backs, 2 - Mid-Fielders, 3 - Attackers)
Formation - 1-3-3-2 (1 - Goalie, 3 - Backs, 3 - Mid-Fielders, 2 - Attackers)

U14 and Up - 11v11

Formation - 1-4-3-3 (1 - Goalie, 4 - Backs, 3 - Mid-Fielders, 3 - Attackers)

Who developed these? - Coach Paul Holocher, Cal Poly Men’s Soccer Coach, worked with Mark Marshall (former AYSO Region 741 Coach Administrator) to come up with  the best possible formations to teach our kids what they will need to know if they choose to play soccer beyond AYSO. 

These don’t seam normal.  Where do these ideas come from? - These come from the Dutch.  The formation and training the Dutch use is the best in soccer around the world.  Barcelona, the best team in the world, uses the Dutch system of play.  More and more professional teams and high school teams are starting to use this style of play.

AYSO Coaching Videos:

YouTube AYSO Video Series

Great Game Day App for iPhone and iPad: 
Soccer Dad -

Game Cards

AYSO Official Line-Up Card (PDF) This download requires preprinted AYSO forms, available through the AYSO store

Sideline Coaching

Here's a great article for coaches and parents! Sideline Coaching - Dump the GPS and Let the Kids Drive.

Safety Forms
For Injuries occurring on and after July 1, 2012
If a player is injured during an AYSO event (game or practice), an AYSO Certified Volunteer present will fill out an Incident Report Form and submit it to Safety Director.  There is also supplementary accident insurance available to the player's family.  Please have the family fill out the SAI Form and submit it to Safety Director. 

SAI Claim Form with Instructions (English)
SAI Brochure Overview (English)

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